International Symposium AFLS 2023 Lille, September 7-9, 2023

Lille University, 7-9 September 2023

The University of Lille hosts the 2023 edition of the Association for French Language Studies Conference.

The Hauts-de-France Region is a changing territory, a migratory passage zone towards Northern Europe and the United Kingdom ; the Hauts-de-France Region is also a reception zone for foreigners, and a border city with Belgium. In this context, the annual conference proposes to address the linguistic, sociolinguistic and didactic issues of French. We also invite papers that address any topic in the broad area of « Le français et ses frontières » or that fall within the areas traditionally covered by AFLS. Papers taking a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome.

See the program here

and the booklet with summaries here

AFLS Meeting : 7 September, 4:45-6:15PM

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Fees and registration:

  • early bird: from 9 June to 13 July 2023
  • dedaline registration: 7 September 2023

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